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Notice of Risks

The Company recommends to its Clients to read carefully the general information about the risks, which this documents contains, before starting to work with the Company. It is worth mentioning that this document does not contain an exhaustive list of risks associated with working on over-the-counter markets.

1. Quotes of the Company may differ from the prices published in other sources. This fact may not cause claims against the Company.

2. The Company has the right to transfer the Client's funds to a third party (broker, bank, clearing house, etc.) for withholding or management for the purpose of executing the transaction. The Company bears no responsibility for the acts or omissions of such third party.

3. The Client bears responsibility for risks that may arise as a result of non-fulfillment of his obligations, as well as malfunction, interruptions or disconnection of information, communication, electrical, electronic or other systems. The result of such malfunction may be the inability to execute the Client`s order or its execution differing from the instructions of the Client.

4. Unencrypted information, transmitted through electronic communication channels is not protected from unauthorized access, and the Company is not responsible for such risks.

5. The Company bears no responsibility before the Client in case if the Client suffers losses because of not receiving or receiving with a delay any notification from the Company.

6. In the situation of force majeure the Company may not be able to execute the orders of the Client or fulfill its obligations in accordance with the Customer Agreement. The Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising as a result of any failure, interruption or delay in the performance of its obligations, if such failure, interruption or delay is related to a situation of force majeure.

7. Under abnormal market conditions, the period during which the orders are executed may be extended, or the execution of orders may not be possible, including at the declared prices.

8. Trading in over-the-counter markets is highly risky, and before starting the work with the Company, the Client shall make sure that he fully understands and is ready to assume possible risks and has sufficient knowledge of CFD trade.

9. Working with a leverage, a relatively small movement of the market can significantly affect the Client's trading account and, consequently, its funds, both for the benefit of the Customer and against it.

10. In case if the market movement adversely affected the Client's trading account, the margin requirements may increase and the Client may need to make additional deposit to his trading account in order to maintain his positions. Failure to comply with the requirement to make additional deposit may lead to the compulsory closure of his position (s), and the Company will not be liable for the losses that have arisen.

11. Placement of orders, intended to limit losses (such as stop-loss, stop-limit, etc.) may not be possible due to certain circumstances, for example due to low liquidity in the market. Although such orders cannot guarantee limit of possible losses.

12. The prices of derivative financial instruments are derived from the prices of the underlying asset, to which the correspondent derivative financial instruments relate. Derivative financial instruments and related underlying markets can be volatile. Under certain market conditions, the execution of the Client`s order at the required prices may be impossible, which can cause losses. The Company is not liable for such possible losses.

13. Slippage (the difference between the expected price of a trade in CFD and the price of an actual transaction) often occurs during periods of high volatility of the market, due to which the order cannot be executed at a certain price.

14. The Client independently makes transactions and takes appropriate decisions at his own discretion.

15. Hereby the Client confirms that he has sufficient experience and knowledge and can make his own risk assessment, as the Company does not have obligations before the Client to provide advice or recommendations on transactions.

16. The Company does not provide guarantees to the Client regarding profit and absence of losses in the process of trading, and the Client understands possible risks, associated with working in the markets and can afford to undergo such risks and suffer possible losses.