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Through Dividendcare Limited, we have managed to create a cross-functional and advanced system to protect your financial assets. Our company has rich experience of professional trading on the financial market, innovative technologies and guarantees accurate execution of orders. Security of your money is ensured through cooperation with the largest banking structures and investment companies in Europe.

Our company provides an accurate, executive and extensional market analysis, as well as constant support and advice for any client. Your opinion and your trust are important for us, that is exactly why, Dividendcare Limited strives to meet all the requirements and suggestions of clients. The company also offers a unique bonus program, developed individually for each trader.

Leverage is calculated on the basis of the actual value of the instrument at a specific point in time.

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Share – is a registrable security, the share of ownership of the company that fixes the rights of its owner to receive part of the profit of the joint-stock company in the form of dividends, for participation in the management of the joint-stock company and a portion of the property remaining after its liquidation, proportionally to the number of shares owned by the owner.

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The stock index (share index) is an indicator of the state of the securities market calculated in a certain way based on a basket of the liquid common stocks or bonds. Stock indexes allow you to assess the state of the stock market in a integral whole, determine the current moment in the economic cycle.

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In trading, commodities are a class of assets that describes raw materials and resources supplied in the usual way and available for exchange. Examples include metals such as ironstone, aluminum, silver or gold. Foods such as wheat, rice, sugar, salt, coffee beans and soybeans.

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Forex is an international financial market where currency exchange is performed. It was founded in 1976, when all countries of the world refused the gold standard and moved to the Jamaican system, where the exchange rates are set not by the state, but by the market.

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Options are contracts that give a right, but not an obligation to buy or sell a certain asset at a specified price at certain terms. The rights to buy or sell the asset belong to the investor who bought the option (it is also called the holder of the option - buyer, holder).

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A bond is a debt security, by which the issuer - the company or the state - undertakes to pay the investor a certain amount and a certain percentage in the future. In the basis of the investors’ expected income, the bonds are divided into discount and coupon bonds with a fixed interest rate.

At Dividendcare Limited, we provide various types of accounts to go with each strategy of traders for each type of product.