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1. The Company shall take all necessary measures in order to protect the confidentiality, security and integrity of the Client's information.

2. When opening a trading account for the Client, the Company requests certain information that can be received by the Company directly from the Client or from other persons, such as banks and state registers. This information includes, among other things, personal data such as name, address, date of birth, contact details, payment details, including bank cards used for depositing, bank account details and other necessary information.

3. The Client's data is used to provide the Company's services, as well as information that, in the Company's opinion, may be interesting or necessary for the Client, in order to improve the quality of services, as well as for the purposes of combating money laundering and terrorist financing, and for research, statistical, and marketing goals.

4. The Company has the right to disclose the Client's information in the following cases:
(a) according to the requirement of legislation or a competent court;
(b) if necessary for the investigation or prevention of fraud, money laundering or other illegal activities;
(c) if necessary for the execution of an order;
(d) to the service providers that create, maintain or promote databases, offer office services, e-mail messaging services, messaging services or similar services that are aimed at assisting the Company in collecting, storing, processing and using the Client's information;
(e) if necessary in order to protect the rights of the Company;
(f) to the call centers for market research, in this case only contact information will be provided.

5. The Client's information is stored on secure servers and the Company follows certain procedures of storing and using the Client's information.

6. The terms of storage are determined taking into account the type of information and its purpose. The Company maintains records containing personal data of the Client, trading information, correspondence and other materials relating to the Client, within five years after the termination of the Agreement between the Client and the Company.

7. The Company makes all reasonable efforts to protect the Client's data, however, the Company does not guarantee the security or integrity of any personal data transmitted to the Client or by the Customer through the Internet. Company doesn’t sell or share private information.